Ceiling Fan Filters
Ceiling Fan Filters
6-Pack Ceiling Fan Filters
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Breathe Clean Air in your home and office with Ceiling Fan Air Filters from
BioStrike. They attach on opposite blades of your ceiling fan and remove
airborne dust, pollen, allergens, animal hair and other contaminates that
circulate in the air as the ceiling fan operates. Our Ceiling Fan Filters are
99.9% effective against: MRSA Staphylococcus (Staph)  & H5N1 Virus
(Flu) and 97% effective against Staph A as well as many other bacteria
found in your home and office. Our Ceiling Fan Filters are effective for up
to 3 months depending upon the environment. Each package of filters
comes with two filters which go on one fan on adjacent blades near the
base of the fan.
Odor Magic
Trash Magic
Trash Magic
odor Magic
Our Odor Removal products use activated carbon to remove odors from
small, enclosed spaces such as refrigerators, freezers, sock drawers, trash
bins, under sink, ice chests, gym bags, school lockers, and more. You can
use them in any small space that has problem odors.
Pet Products
Poof Power Filter System
6-Pack Poof
Replacement Filters
Poof® is designed to remove 100% of litter box odors in your house. All one
has to do is simply place Poof on top of the covered litter box and plug the low
voltage transformer into the wall. A whisper quiet fan pulls fresh air in the front
of the litter box and allows no foul odors to escape. The fresh air pulled in
mixes with the foul air inside the litter box and passes through the 1-1/2" thick
three-part odor filter to be exhausted as fresh air into the room. No odor!!! Poof®
was tested in hundreds of homes over a two year period with rave reviews.
Several owners have said, "Nobody knows I have a cat". A truly magical new
product for an age old problem.
Bed Magic (Small)
Bed Magic (Medium)
Bed Magic (Large)
Bed Magic (Round)
Fact: Pets have odor problems, whether it's food, dirt, or the normal build-up of
body oils. The smells eventually saturate the pet bedding and become
noticeable when entering the room. Made to slip under the zippered cover of the
pet bed, BedMagic® solves the odor problem without fragrances or chemicals
using two odor fighters: Activated Carbon: Literally millions of micro-pockets
absorb odors and prevent them from spreading into the air. Anti-Microbial Fiber:
The cover contains scientifically engineered anti-microbial fibers to help control
bacteria growth.
Poof Replacement Filters