What's New

BioStrike now has a new antibacterial treatment on Ceiling Fan Air Filters. This
treatment helps fight cold and flu germs effectively. It is also 99.9% effective
against MRSA Staphylococcus & H5N1 Virus, and 97% effective against Staph
A as well as many other bacteria found in the home and office

"Developing solutions for everyday indoor air quality
problems into consumer products for better living."
What We Do

BioStrike manufactures products that assist with creating
clean air for your home and office.

Our Ceiling Fan Air Filters are made to apply to any and all
ceiling fans to reduce, allergens, bacteria and dust among
many other things in order to create better indoor air quality
for you r home or office.   

BioStrike's odor removal products can be used in a variety of
different ways. You can place them in your car, refrigerator,
locker, trash can or any other place that give you unwanted
odors. These products do not disguise odors. They simply
eliminate them and are fragrance free.

Our products can be purchased from local retailers
nationwide at
The Container Store , Home Depot, Lowe's and
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